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Nerve Root Injections


Pain in the neck, back, arms or legs may be due to inflation or pressure upon the major nerve roots. These nerve roots exit trough small holes in the side of the spine which can be visualized under x-ray. Nerve root injections are an efficient and effective way to treat this type of pain.


A nerve root injection is performed in the operating room under x ray. You will be given IV sedation and monitored throughout the procedure. You will be asked to lie on your stomach. Under x-ray guidance, a local anesthetic for numbing and cortisone for any inflammation will be injected into the epiradicular or nerve root sleeve that surrounds the nerves . Other medications to decrease the swelling scar tissue, inflammation, and/or pain may lso be injected.


Usually there is almost immediate, but temporary pain relief from the local anesthetic. This may last several hours. More permanent pain relief will generally develop over several days. Depending on the result of the injection, Dr. Gohel will then decide if further treatment is necessary.

Some patients experience a numb sensation in the back or along the nerve around which the medication was placed. There may also be some weakness or feeling of heaviness in an arm or a leg for several hours. If you experience this, it is normal, but you should not participate in any activity which requires use of the affected limb.


If you think nerve root injections might be able to solve your pain issues, get an experienced professional’s opinion. Dr. Raka Gohel and her team are available to assist you by recommending and administering pain treatments at three convenient Texas locations in Houston, The Woodlands, & Tomball TX. Schedule your risk-free consultation today by calling or scheduling online.

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