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Sacroiliac Joint Block Injection



Sacroiliac joints (SI joints) are located in the lower back where the pelvis meets the spine. Pain can occur when there is inflammation in the SI joints and can radiate down to the buttocks and into the back of either one or both of the thighs. Dr. Raka C. Gohel and her team of Pain Specialists recommend a sacroiliac joint block, which is performed by placing a local anesthetic into the SI joint.


SJ Block Injections are administered for both diagnostic and treatment purposes. The procedure is typically done in the operating room under x-ray guidance, to visualize the affected joint and monitor treatment.

Sacroiliac Joint Block Injection Procedure

  • IV sedation will be administered to the patient and monitored throughout the procedure
  • The patient will be asked to lie on his or her stomach
  • The amount pain relief following the procedure will help the physician to determine if the joint is the source of the pain
  • The steroids used in the injection helps reduce any inflammation that may be present in the joint and alleviates pain


Rarely, numbness or weakness in the leg may occur from the effects of the local anesthetic, but should resolve itself within 24 hours. If the patient experiences this, Dr. Gohel advises abstaining or withholding from any activity which requires the use of the affected leg, including driving, lifting, or carrying.The patient must also take caution around hot or sharp objects to avoid injury until the numbness has subsided.

The pain relief will need to be monitored by the patient over the next 7 to 10 days. If within those days pain relief is 100% has been achieved (the relief should last a week), Dr. Gohel will not perform any further injections unless the symptoms return.If the patient experiences partial or transient relief, Dr. Gohel may recommend the patient to return for a series of blocks.
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